About Us

A little about us…

We are passionate foodies, world travelers and adventurers who also happen to be health freaks!


While living in Europe and South Africa, we pursued a super active lifestyle and considered ourselves “healthy”! We included many fruits and vegetables in our daily diet and complimented our diet with multiple supplement pills that we popped in our mouth with alarming regularity! However, frequent visits to the doctor for cold/flu with the changes of seasons and allergies as well as stubborn fat that refused to leave us (no matter how fast we ran) were some of the issues that kept nagging us. One winter we decided that enough was enough! We did not be regular at our doctor’s office anymore (we knew the whole staff on first name basis! : ( )

We read, researched and delved into various changes we needed to bring to our lifestyle to make sure we do this right! At the same time our community and network from around the world was waking up to the same phenomenon and there was a mass shift in eating habits for people wanting to live a life of wellness. We discovered and became a part of a passionate community that introduced, experimented and adapted to this new lifestyle of going back to the “roots” for optimum nutrition. People were waking upto the eastern way of life, ayurveda and increased plant based nutrition, realising tremendous benefits upon regular usage.

We discovered that no matter how active a lifestyle you lead and how many pills you pop, if your body lacks the basic nutrition, it will never operate on a 100% level. We realised how vital super-foods are to a healthy body and mind. After thousands of hours of interacting, researching, reading, self-study and sharing good food with family and friends, we slowly but surely embraced a whole foods lifestyle with an emphasis on superfoods and super herbs.

We were sick less, had much more energy, slept like a baby and most often had a huge smile on our faces! Our monthly doctor visits stopped and we did not see her face in years. We still chuckle at the shock on her face when we walked into her office after well over a year to get some paper work signed and her comment “Long time no see?! I was wondering if you guys were alive or still in the city?!”.

Irrespective of whether you live in a big city or small town, the stresses of our modern life will catch up with you. Constant battles with your immune system forces you to sit at home with cold, flus, allergies, skin breakouts, weight gain etc.. Chronic fatigue syndrome has become so common that people take it as a part and parcel of everyday living without doing anything to treat it or recover from it.

The creation of SUPR

Back on Indian soil, we grew tired of our friends and family battle with fixable problems created by modern lifestyles. We worked with our known community of nutritionists, health and lifestyle coaches and fitness enthusiasts and developed our own products.

We have created something real! A product where the front of the pack is as honest as the back. A product created using some of the most nutrient dense foods on this planet. As two passionate individuals, we have developed something that is packed with all the essential minerals and nutrients that are by large lacking in the in-organic mass produced food supply of today. A product that not only makes you feel amazing, but is absolutely delicious and takes no more than 2 minutes to make.

As we always say” life’s too short for ordinary; be supr!

Welcome to the world of supr.